From Test Cases to Context-Driven Testing

Gary Miller speaking at CAST conference.
Gary Miller presenting “From Test Cases to Context-Driven Testing: A Start-up Story” at CAST 2015

On Tuesday August 4, 2015, I presented my experience report on moving from test cases to context-driven testing at the 10th annual Conference for the Association for Software Testing 2015 in Grand Rapids Michigan.  This was my inaugural speaking engagement and my second software conference.

Thank you to all of those who attended and watched online. My talk and the open season questions were recorded and are available online from the AST thanks to Ben Yaroch.

Thank you to Katrina Clokie who encouraged me to speak, as well as Michael Larsen, both who helped me write the proposal.  Your help was invaluable.

My presentation slides are available here  and on the CAST 2015 website.

Thank you to all who participated by asking questions.  The conversation doesn’t stop just because the conference is over.  I welcome you to comment here on my blog or contact me on Twitter @1030omlette for further discussion.